Bed Coil Systems

At The Bed Store we offer 2 types of technology in our mattresses.

Bonnell Coil Spring System is the most traditional type of innerspring mattress made from hourglass shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. These springs are then connected to a wire spring unit using cross wire helicals to provide the maximum durability. 

 Diagram of the Bonnell Innerspring System



The Pocket Spring System is a more advanced technology including thin, barrel-shaped springs individually encased in a fabric 'pocket'. As the springs are not interconnected, they work more or less individually so weight is not transferred between the springs. This means that movements made on one side of the bed will not be felt by the neighboring side. A Pocket Spring System provides better support and less partner disturbance than a Bonnell System. 

Diagram of a Pocket Innerspring System